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Do You Struggle with Money?

Struggle with MoneyAre you always running out of money and forever going into debt for things you really want? Do you fight with your partner over money, then feel guilty afterwards? As a business manager, are you the one who never makes budget at year-end and always gets nailed in your performance review about it? Are your employees unproductive because they’re financially stressed? Are you constantly anxious about your finances?

If you said yes at least once, the good news is that there’s hope, wisdom, and lots of answers waiting for you. Max Jaffe has the knowledge, the strategies, and the enthusiasm to turn your financial situation around for the better.

Money coach and CPA Max JaffeMoney coach and CPA Max Jaffe offers a unique perspective on money that will forever change how you look at it. Max’s money management experience plus his patented LiquidTM app are just the tools you need to balance your budget and have more money than you ever thought possible.

"You’re the first ‘money’ person I’ve heard speak who motivated me rather than made me feel guilty about my poor money managing habits. You really have a gift and so many people need to hear what you shared with us." –Brenda Stephenson, AISD

Do you want to achieve your dreams? Get along with your spouse? Always have more money than you need? Have productive employees? Be able to balance the budget at work? If so, Max Jaffe has the money solution for you. All you have to do is take the first step and call. Max provides his expertise The money you needthrough offering:

Get started on your road to wealth today!

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Read Max's blog to get more tips on spending your money wisely.
Read Max's blog to get
more tips on spending
your money wisely.


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My Money, Myself

My Money, Myself


Maximize Your Financial Dignity

Maximize Your
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